Selected hotel: Hotel Don Cándido

    The Hotel Don Cándido accomodation offer for CoDaWork2019 participants allows us to have the nice leisure/work environment that we enjoyed in previous CoDaWork editions. The reservation process with special prices for CoDaWork2019 participants is held through the hotel reservation system. The details of the offer are here

    Don't forget the promotional code included in the details!

    Other options

    We'd like to have everyone at the same hotel. However, contact us for the offer of rooms at Hotel Terrassa Park and (very) limited number of rooms in the student's residence.


    Although Terrassa is well communicated with Barcelona (e.g. FGC trains every 12 min. during rush hour, about 40min trip to Barcelona city center), the idea is to accommodate participants locally. It is possible to commute every day, but we want to keep the nice discussion atmosphere that we enjoyed in previous editions of the workshop.