CoDaWork is a forum of discussion of theory and applications of the statistical analysis of Compositional Data. One of the most enriching characteristics of preceding workshop editions was their multidisciplinary approach. We keep it, and therefore welcome contributions about:

  • general theory and methods of analysis of compositions,
  • pre-processing data tools and zero treatment,
  • applications to life sciences and medicine,
  • applications to chemistry, earth and environmental sciences,
  • applications to economy, official statistics and social sciences,

as well as any other field of application where compositions or data from constrained spaces appear. The workshop sessions will be structured along these lines, but there will be no parallel sessions, to keep this valuable multidisciplinary character. We encourage all participants to include real data problems in order to generate rich discussions about the application of CoDa Methodology.


Schedule for CoDaWork2019

Daily schedules announcement:

  • Monday schedule. Course
  • Scientific schedule. Tuesday.
  • Scientific schedule. Wednesday.
  • Scientific schedule. Thursday.
  • Scientific schedule. Thursday. Poster Session
  • Scientific schedule. Friday.


    Coming soon!

    Information about presentations

    • Oral contributions:
      Slots are 15 minutes long plus 5 minutes for questions. We strongly ask for all speakers to respect the 15 minutes slots for this reason we recommend maximum 15 slides per presentation.
      Speakers have to contact the Chair of the session and provide the slides at least 5 minutes before the beginning of the session. Optionally they can be sent before May, 30 to

    • Poster contributions:
      We ask participants to design vertical posters, according to the supports that will be available. (1m width, 1.80 m height)
      The Poster session is scheduled on Thursday afternoon. Each author will have a short time to present his/her poster.
      In order to organize the vote of the poster award, once registered each author should place the poster in the workshop room. Please contact a member of the Local committee to do this. Authors are also invited to send the poster before May, 30 to to guarantee the maximum diffusion.